Warranty Registration

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Thank you for purchasing a Bar Maid Glass Washer.

Bar Maid electric glass washers are made to the highest standards to deliver long reliable service. While unlikely, should your machine fail, warranty registration now will ensure fast, hassle-free repair. Without warranty registration and/or proof of purchase, warranty claims may be delayed or denied. To ensure coverage, please take a minute to register online now or complete your warranty envelope and return. To register an extended warranty, please use the enclosed envelope.

The serial number of your glass washer is engraved on the stainless steel base plate where the brushes go into the gears.  It is also located on your copy of the warranty card or on the outside of the box that your glass washer came in.

Privacy… Please note, we respect your privacy. We do not sell or share any information except when needed to provide required or requested service.

Warranty Service
If your Bar Maid Glass Washer should fail in or out of the warranty period, please contact our Glass Washer Service Line at 1-866-531-6243.