Glass Polisher

Glass Polisher

This portable glass polisher saves time and effort by ensuring wet glasses get gently polished and dried simultaneously in seconds, eliminating the need for potentially unsanitary hand polishing and reducing breakage. Essential for hotels, caterers, bars, restaurants, event venues and glassware rental companies for whom consistently brilliant glassware is important for maintaining their reputation.

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No more hand polishing and drying of glassware.

The Bar Maid GP-100 Glass Polisher saves significant amounts of time and effort ensuring wet glasses coming away from the washing process get polished and dried simultaneously in seconds. The machine eliminates the need for potentially unsanitary polishing cloths and ensures the entire glass is polished inside and out.

  • Efficient… Five spinning polishing heads polish the inside and outside of the glass at the same time while the warm air blower dries the glass and brush heads.
  • Gentle… Brush heads are soft material minimizing stress on glassware and reducing the potential for breakage, especially of delicate stemware.
  • Saves time… Bar staff spend much less time handling and polishing glasses and more time serving paying customers.
  • Saves money… Saves any operation hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year by reducing glassware replacement due to breakage during hand polishing.
  • Sanitary… Customers enjoy cleaner looking glassware with less chance of contamination.
  • Portable… Small footprint, light weight and built in handles make mobility easy.
  • Results are clear… Glassware appearance is consistently brilliant, helping “high end” operations maintain their reputation.
  • Removable polishing heads are hand or dish machine washable and easily re-installed.



Model GP-100

Voltage: 110v – 1350 watts

Shipping Weight: 32lbs

Product size: 20″H x 13″L x 11.5″W

Carton size: 20.75″H x 14″L x 14.75″W

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