FLY-BYE Fruit Fly Traps

FLY-BYE Fruit Fly Traps

Bar Maid FLY-BYE™ Fruit Fly Traps let you say goodbye to pesky fruit flies.

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Fruit flies are not just a nuisance… they are a major sanitation issue for bars and restaurants.

Fruit flies love ripened fruits and vegetables as well as fermented beverages, liquor, beer and wine. They also breed in floor drains, bottles and cans, trash and recycling containers… virtually any damp area with spillage or attractive residues. Our FLY-BYE line of products gives the restaurant and bar industry effective tools to help control fruit flies.

Bar Maid FLY-BYE™ Fruit Fly Traps

• Utilizes a 2 part, food-based attractant to entice fruit flies into the trap where they are unable to escape.
• Disposable and recyclable
• Non-toxic — use anywhere, any time
• Each trap lasts up to 30 days
• Contains no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)


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